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Is the 4 Peaks Alta Badia challenge right for you?

All those practising Alpine sports know that a tour in the high mountains involves a certain risk. This is something you must be aware of when considering the 4 Peaks Alta Badia. Every participant must possess a certain amount of self-responsibility and common sense and, above all, be in top condition in athletic, technical and mental terms. Make sure you have all the skills required to take on this challenge in total safety.

- 01 -

High degree of physical and mental strength

- 02 -

Free from vertigo, experience of high altitudes

- 03 -

Ability to plan and to assess distances and altitude differences

Have you ever walked above 3000m?

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You have never done anything similar but are attracted by this challenge? Then try our alternative routes to test yourself on the majestic Dolomite mountains. The 4 Peaks challenge offers plenty of options based on your physical and mental capabilities.

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