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Find out how to participate in the 4 Peaks Alta Badia

To officially participate in the tour, register online or at the ticket office of the La Crusc/Santa Croce chairlift, sign the information form, collect your 4 Peaks Alta Badia kit at a cost of €35.00, which includes the 4 Peaks Card, a tour map, a briefcase, a bandana, a headband, an ecological pen and a sticker, or the 4 Peaks Alta Badia Kit + T-shirt Salewa for €55.00.

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Is this the right experience for you?

The 4 Peaks Alta Badia challenge is not for everyone. In addition to the length of the route and the considerable altitude difference that have to be overcome, many sections of the tour are at high altitude and there are very exposed paths as well as some sections with fixed ropes (via ferrata). Make sure you have the necessary skills before planning your route.

Is the challenge for you?
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Signing up and registration

To officially participate in this high-altitude challenge you have to register and sign an information form. The easiest way is online registration, but if you prefer you can also register at the ticket office of the La Crusc/Santa Croce chairlift in Badia.

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Pick up your 4 Peaks Alta Badia starter kit

When signing up you will be asked to choose between one of our starter kits and to specify one of our 4 Peaks information offices for collecting it. When you collect it you will have to specify the date on which you wish to attempt the tour in order to permit verification that the objectives have all been achieved.

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Check equipment and weather conditions

Before starting the challenge make sure you have everything you need to face this fascinating and unique tour in Alta Badia in the heart of the Dolomites.

The checklist
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Carefully plan and calculate the trekking time for the route

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Check the weather conditions

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Decide whether to take along a professional guide

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Drinks and sufficient food, map, mobile phone and list of important numbers

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Proper technical clothing

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Climbing kit, harness, carabiners, helmet and possibly gloves

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4 Peaks Alta Badia Card

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Take part and enjoy the Dolomite scenery

On each of the 4 peaks you will find a punch that will allow you to mark the 4 Peaks Card with different symbols as proof of reaching the summit. If the punch has been tampered with, a selfie taken at the top can represent alternative proof. The physical and mental effort required is huge, but the ultimate satisfaction will be even greater.

The route
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Collect and enjoy your well-deserved prize

There are two types of award for those who conquer all 4 peaks. One is for climbers who manage to complete the route in one day and one is for those who complete the route over several days. Remember that you will have to present the 4 Peaks Card punched at one of the 4 Peaks information offices by 11:00 am on the following day to prove that you have completed the tour in a single day and become an Alta Badia Mountaineer.

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