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Unforgettable adventures in the landscapes of the Dolomites

Fanes-Senes-Braies Nature Park – UNESCO Heritage

In 2009, thanks to their scenic beauty and their extraordinary and unique geology, the Dolomites were deemed a UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site. The Fanes-Senes-Braies Nature Park covers an area of approximately 25,000 hectares over six different municipalities, representing the beauty and individuality of the Dolomites in all their glory.

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Alta Badia, a corner of paradise in the Dolomites

Alta Badia is a magical place, surrounded by unspoilt nature and Alpine landscapes, that nevertheless offers a modern, state-of-the-art tourist infrastructure. The harmony between centuries-old tradition and the spirit that sees it confirmed each year as a popular tourist destination make this valley a little corner of paradise for many enthusiasts.

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The spectacular Enrosadira of the Dolomites

The Enrosadira is a characteristic phenomenon of the Dolomites that appears at dawn or sunset in a new and distinctive guise as the mountains take on a pinkish-violet hue. The Sasso Santa Croce range in particular, visible from the villages of the Alta Badia valley, offers an extraordinary spectacle at sunset, as it reddens in tones that are constantly changing according to the season and weather.

Gastronomy in Alta Badia

Alta Badia is an ideal place for lovers of good food. The desire to experiment and combine new forms and flavours with the richness of traditional cuisine have made sure that Ladin gastronomy is known far beyond its regional boundaries. What makes it unique is without a doubt the use of local products, a vital aspect that also characterises the cuisine offered by the Michelin-starred restaurants of Alta Badia.

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The Ladin people: between tradition and tourism

The Ladin communities around the Sella massif have always been a source of fascination on account of their culture, their traditions and above all their Ladin language. With strong ties to their mountains, the Ladins also have a close relationship with nature and farming. Over the years Alta Badia has become a popular tourist destination that has nonetheless preserved its ancient traditions.

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The legends of “The Kingdom of the Fanes”

The famous “Legend of the Kingdom of Fanes” is surely one of the richest and most complex tales of the Ladin tradition. The saga, handed down orally by the Ladin people, consists of various stories that tell of the heroine Dolasila and the rise and fall of the Fanes kingdom. These tales were collected and transcribed by Karl Felix Wolff in the late 1800s.

Nature, culture and cuisine

Santa Croce/La Crusc is a small ski and hiking area in Alta Badia, where a unique natural, cultural and culinary experience awaits. Those seeking peace far from the maddening crowds will particularly enjoy this area, for it is here that the Ladin way of life is practised with heart and soul. The phenomenal natural formations at the heart of this UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site offer all kinds of impressive experiences.

La Crusc


Pilgrims have been heading to La Crusc for many years to get their fill of the spiritual energy of this historical village and to enjoy the breathtaking landscapes of this fascinating mountain world. The over 500 year old mountain church and pilgrimage site Santa Croce, is the centrepiece of the village and is located at the foot of the Sas dla Crusc-Lavarela mountain chain. A magnificent mountain landscape, which unites picturesque natural peaks, centuries-old history and spirituality, forms its backdrop.

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Extreme challenge in Alta Badia

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