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Take on the challenge and conquer 4 summits in one day

4 Peaks Alta Badia is a challenge intended for expert climbers that allows mountain lovers to completely immerse themselves in the unspoiled nature of the Dolomites, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The 4 peaks can be reached along well-marked terrain and paths, but also via fixed-rope routes and tricky exposed sections that provide some extra adventure and thrills.

To all lovers of mountain challenges who want to climb in safety, however, 4 Peaks Alta Badia also offers a “light variant”, one that allows you to avoid the exposed section between the Forcela Medesc fork and the summit of Lavarela, but requires more time. If you manage to overcome the challenge and climb all 4 peaks in one day, you will receive a certificate and the Alta Badia Mountaineer medal, as well as becoming a true star on our Wall of Fame. If, however, you finish the course in more than one day, you will receive a medal and a certificate and receive the title of Alta Badia Finisher.

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