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Regulation and information sheet

The route follows a winding course through high mountains, which involves considerable risk (altitude, weather, lightning, landslides, falling rocks, wildlife, etc.): participants thus declare that they are fully aware of this. Participants assume all responsibility for all occurrences along the way. Due caution and common sense are necessary in order to minimise risks. The route should be only attempted by persons with proper physical and technical preparation who are aware of the risks involved.

To reach the finishing line you may follow the marked trails that are easily visible on hiking maps; you may however choose alternative routes and it is permitted to climb the peaks in the order you think best. Some sections of the routes are very exposed and are therefore only recommended for experts who are familiar with high mountain terrain. Participants must take into account the fact that parts of some paths are poorly marked.

N.B.: the section that connects the Forcella Medesc to the Lavarella summit is an old path that is not shown on all modern maps: the first short section is not signposted. The continuous flow of participants means it can be detected, however.

This stretch is very exposed and is recommended only for experienced participants who do not suffer from vertigo.

Suggestions for tackling the route:

  • Proper physical preparation is required.
  • The route requires considerable physical effort. It is therefore advisable to accurately calculate the times needed to complete each section, bearing in mind that the more demanding sections will take more time to complete.
  • Check the weather forecast before leaving.
  • If in doubt, stop in good time.
  • Consider whether you wish to be accompanied by a local mountain guide.

Rules of conduct:

  • Respect all other participants
  • Observe the rules of the Nature Park

Equipment checklist:

  • Appropriate clothing for high mountain terrain
  • Equipment for fixed-rope (via ferrata) routes including harness, carabiners and helmet
  • Trail map
  • Sufficient food and drink
  • Mobile phone
  • Money
  • Information sheet with map and useful phone numbers
  • All-purpose emergency number: 112


The participant declares that s/he has read and understood the above. S/he also declares that s/he is attempting the route at his/her own risk. Finally, s/he declares that s/he assumes full responsibility for all events affecting him/herself and/or third parties on account of his/her conduct.

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