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the landscapes of Alta Badia
4 Dolomite peaks
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11 hours of hiking
2000m of ascents
25km of emotions
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endless satisfaction
from mid-June to the end of September

4 Peaks Alta Badia, an unforgettable challenge

Adventure and adrenaline are the absolutes for all sports fans. Have you ever conquered 4 peaks and an altitude difference of 2,000 metres in one day? The majestic peaks of the Dolomites – Sas dla Crusc, Piza dales Diesc, Lavarela and Conturines – await you, pushing you to extremes as you overcome your limits on well-marked paths, but also on fixed-rope routes (vie ferrate) with some exposed sections.

Extreme challenge

Challenge yourself and conquer the Dolomites

To ensure official participation in the tour and face the excitement of this extreme challenge, simply register, pick up one of the starter kits and punch your 4 Peaks Card at the checkpoints located on the 4 peaks. Make sure you have the skills required for the course that runs through the finest peaks of Alta Badia.

How to participate
11 hours
25.4 km
Height difference
1969 m
Starting height
2045 m
Maximum height
3064 m

Discover the wild side of the Dolomites

Do you love high mountains, breathtaking landscapes and extreme challenges? Then sign up for the 4 Peaks Alta Badia! An exhilarating adventure that lets you conquer 4 peaks, each over 3,000 metres, in one day. Find out if you have the physical ability to meet the challenge.

Become a star on our Wall of Fame

Get your name on our Wall of Fame. If you manage every peak in a single day you will be crowned an Alta Badia Mountaineer – otherwise you will receive the title of Alta Badia Finisher.


Share your experience and tell us about the emotions and thrills you felt during your adrenaline-packed day, using the hashtag #4Peaks and #4PeaksAltaBadia.

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